Blueforest Environmental Development is at the forefront of sustainable remediation research and development. We provide two sustainable remediation technologies to treat organic contaminants that have been tested and proven successful in Europe. The concepts behind these approaches are currently being applied to research for treating landfill leachate.

groundwater ReMEDIATION

WATS is a sustainable alternative to PAT costing 50% less. Constructed wetlands are powered by wind turbines to circulate contaminated groundwater through filter layers to manage residual and rebound contamination.

in-situ soil remediation

SISSR exploits what is naturally present in the subsurface by increasing the temperature and injecting air into the soil to accelerate bio-stimulation. A sustainable alternative that is 25% more time efficient.

Landfill leachate research

The research aims to engineer an off-grid treatment system that works with several biological and geochemical processes to purify contaminated leachate from landfills into clean water.