Contaminated water is the world’s biggest health risk. Toxic chemicals and disease carrying organisms are being discharged into our water systems from industry and farming activities, stormwater runoff, sewer discharge, and landfill leachate. With 90 million American’s relying on groundwater for their daily needs, it is imperative our groundwater supply is protected and any water being discharged into the natural environment is properly treated.

Blueforest Environmental Development has set out with its research partners to develop a cost-effective, self-sustaining, energy neutral solution to treat and clean contaminated water. The concept is currently in the research phase of development and the first substance selected for study is landfill leachate. This study is a continuation of research already done with the Wetland Assisted Treatment Solution (WATS), which was successful in treating organic contaminants.

Landfill leachate was the first substance selected because of its complex make-up and the fact it is being produced decades after a landfill has been closed. Leachate is comprised of an array of contaminants including heavy metals, salts, nitrogen compounds, bacteria, viruses and organic matter. If not property captured and treated it has the potential to create groundwater and surface water contamination problems. By developing a comprehensive solution to treat leachate now it will facilitate the treatment of other contaminated water in the future. We are currently in discussions with municipalities to implement a pilot study to further research and test our design.

Stay tuned for updates regarding this study.