Today’s vacant industrial properties sit idle with little social, economical or environmental benefit to surrounding communities. They serve only as a reminder of past economic successes. What others write off as a liability, Blueforest Environmental Development sees as an opportunity. Since 2012 we have been working with private investors and communities to assess and (re)develop properties into productive new uses. Obstacles along the way have given us the insight, knowledge and ability to develop any type of property, for any type of industry.

No property is perfect. A multi-property approach which assesses multiple properties simultaneously is imperative to the success of any (re)development project. It provides flexibility and negotiation whilst adhering to temporal, price and location factors.


Since inception, we've assessed over ten brownfield sites. Two have been redeveloped based on in-house programmes which map the economical, ecological, industry and community-driven opportunities unique to each property.


Remediation Provider

To treat organic contaminants, two remediation technologies have been tested and proven successful in Europe. Concepts behind these approaches are currently applied to research on treating landfill leachate.


Hydroponic Greenhouses

In 2014, Blueforest branched out into greenfield development with large-scale hydroponic greenhouses. With our partners at Havecon, one of the largest design build greenhouse company’s in the world, we have developed one location and are in the process of developing more within the United States.

What We've Achieved

  • 2012 UIC Sustainability Awards - Sustainable Land Use Category

  • 2013 CUI Brownie Award - International Award

  • 2013 NICOLE Technology Award - Third Prize